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Coding an Adapt

Please see Part II, "Making an adapt from a master banner" in this document.
Development time and custom code written should be minimized when creating adapt banners by replicating as much code as possible from the approved master banner. Rather than scaffolding a new banner using the Yeoman Generator, to create an adapt we duplicate the master banner's files to provide a starting point. A synopsis of the workflow involved in creating an adapt banner would look like this:

  1. Copy the folder containing the master banner that will be used as reference.
  2. Update references to the master banner's dimensions in the duplicated code.
  3. Generate assets for the adapt banner from the adapt's PSD, being sure to follow the same naming conventions used in the master. Overwrite the assets in the duplicated/adapt folder.
  4. Install the adapt banner's node modules using
    npm install
    if the node_modules/ directory was not copied from the master.
  5. Using the provided Gulp processes, follow the standard development workflow to make further code changes as needed to make the adapt match the provided storyboard.